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About us

Welcome to MingStyle Room

從2001年在時裝界工作至今 我們明白到 時裝不單單是穿著什麼才叫時尚。

而大家所選擇的就慢慢變成你的型像 反影到你的生活態度。

MingStyle Room 提供自由自主的生活理念 加入時尚產品與資訊和型象設計的網上集誌。

隨著網上購物已變成我們生活一部分,很多人對網上提供的產品質量與誠信 仍存在著一定的猜疑。我們就此問題上 關注到各界對生活品質的需求,主要到韓國和優質的出口廠商搜羅與篩選 再用我們的搭配方式重新展現。

務求你在這裏 找到貨真價實與網上購物的安心和樂趣 計而形造出另一種生活態度。


We've been working in the Fashion industry since 2001.
We believe fashion it's not only what you wear.  
What you choose becomes your style which influences your everyday living.
With the booming needs for online shopping; we understand, behind those desire, there are certain doubts embedded on quality and trust on products you see. 
Does the value matches quality?
With this in mind, we begin our search; mainly concentrates in Korea and quality export factories in China.
We filter and present only the quality and stylish ones.
We present a LifeStyle ~ A style with love and passion 
We offer styling; styles you feel comfort and proud; to ensure what you see it's what you get!
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Enjoy xx

MingStyle Room